Comedy Quest

Comedy Quest is a point and click adventure game set in the exciting world of stand-up comedy. Can you become the greatest comedian of all time in just 3 gigs? or will you become just another hack

Art and music style call backs to the golden days of adventure games.
Full Speech for the game by actual Comedian type people.
Dad Jokes.
Varied game play.
Urinal cakes.
Original sound track by Tim Whitt.
Easter Eggs.
More dad jokes.
Realistic flyering simulation.
Hang out with fellow comedians with realistic conversations.
Perform live stand-up and some of the best clubs in town.
Meet new people in bathrooms.
Hang out in cool places and watch people smoke.
Walk on sidewalks.
Hangout backstage and meet nervous people.

Download for free here.

if that didn't work try here.

Need to unpack the .rar use winrar.

Comedy Quest is only for PC for the time being. I can't afford to port it to mac or tablet.

sorry about this.

Any issues with running it or bugs email me at 

This is a free game,
but if you like and can spare a donation for my work
that would be appreciated.

All money goes towards future game releases
 and feeding my cat.


  1. Is it cool if I make a youtube video on this game

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  2. Yeah that's cool with me. Let me know when it's up and I'll add it to the blog.
    Thanks again for playing.
    Trav Nash

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  3. Thanks for the help and the awesome game
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  5. Can I use your game in my YouTube channel

  6. yeah of course let me know when it's up and I'll link it on facebook page.

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  8. I made a whole youtube series of i loved this game it was honestly on of the best games i have ever played

  9. I can't get past the taxi. Forced to stop playing. Loved it otherwise, being a comedian myself.

  10. Great! It sounds good. Thanks for sharing..
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